We specialize in creating custom architectural and ornamental wood and metal designs. Past projects include ornamental metal signage and panels, interactive displays, wooden built-in cabinetry for custom audio/video arrangements, yard gates and railings. We take pride in being able to build a custom creation that will suits your business or personal need, as well as the character of the space you are trying to complete.

“A great collaborator! You can have great design and fabricator, but Chris’s engineering brain and attention to detail set CK Valenti Design apart. The gift of foresight and attention to detail allow them to look at design and see obstacles before it happens and then design a solution.”
Terry Harrison
Principal / Harrison Herbeck
“We needed casework for 200 objects and we wanted to work with a local company. It was a difficult project that required a new, more modern design and it was on a much larger scale than we’d ever done. Chris and his team were amazing. They communicated throughout the process and would brainstorm to work through challenges and help us find solutions – they have the tools, the skills and they put in the effort to make sure they deliver quality work. I highly recommend Chris and his team at CK Valenti Designs and plan to work with them again on future exhibits.”
Melissa Simmons
Exhibit Designer / Heard Museum
"I visited and interviewed 12 fabricators, before finding CK Valenti Designs. They worked with us on the design and creation of all the displays for our exhibits – the movable walls, pedestals, cases, interactive kiosks – almost everything you see. I’ve been doing this for 45 years and the quality of work Chris and his team produce is as good as they come and they stay on schedule and in budget!"
Mike Fox
Director / Scottsdale Museum of the West
"Museum work requires a special understanding along with museum quality work. CK Valenti provides quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. I can present a concept and Chris figures out how to build it. I’ve worked with CK Valenti designs on a number of projects and the craftsmanship with Chris goes above and beyond."
Bill Dambrova
Museum Exhibition Designer & Artist
“We had a rough idea for an interactive display to show the rivers around the world. Chris took our concept and came back to us with multiple ideas. In the end he designed and created an exhibit that maximized the space, it’s dynamic and engaging for our visitors and it was on time and on budget.”
Adi Knishinsky
Chief Strategic Officer / OdySea Aquarium