Promoting Sustainability in our Projects

As more and more people are becoming conscious of their impact on the earth, we want to be sure we have sustainable options to offer our clients.  A few of the current choices we can offer include:

  • PUREBOND plywood – meets current CARB regulations
  • Sustainable hardwoods, such as maple, cherry, and alder, harvested in the USA whenever possible
  • Reclaimed lumber
  • Recycled steel
  • Water-based finishes
  • Adhesives with no VOCs or GREENGUARD certified adhesives

Promoting Sustainability in our Operations

We make every attempt to run our business as responsibly as possible. To this end, we:

  • Recycle plastics, metals, wood, batteries, CFLs, cardboard, and paper
  • Use laptops instead of desktops to save energy
  • Optimize shop time to make sure tools are not running when idle
  • Designed our workshop and office space with an eye toward energy conservation:
    • Efficient shop lighting including T8 fluorescent fixtures
    • 3-phase equipment (more efficient than single-phase)
    • Reduced water consumption in our swamp coolers
    • Sprayed-in foam insulation reduces heating/cooling needs
    • Concrete floors stained and clear-coated with water-based products
    • Construction used engineered lumber: LVLs, glulams, and plywood
  • Use a fully-enclosed spray booth which traps all airborne particles from spray finishes