ADOR: Governor’s Plaque

Project Overview

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to present a gift to the Governor of your state.

We were asked to design and create a plaque to commemorate a visit that the Governor of Arizona made to the Department of Revenue.  We used native Arizona materials – copper and mesquite – to craft the unique gift.  The project gave us a chance to combine our creative and engineering skills to meet a challenge.  Given the irregular shape of the state, we engineered the design to allow the state to sit straight in the wooden base by inserting an (unseen) tab at the bottom of the copper panel into the wood, and securing it with screws through the back of the base.  We were very happy with the final piece, as was the client who commissioned it.  In fact, he was so pleased that he invited us to come and present it to Governor Ducey, which was a great honor for us and our company.  


Custom Engraving

The wording etched on the plaque is Governor Ducey’s stated motto:
“Arizona will be the number one state to live, work, play, recreate, retire, visit, do business and get an education.”

Did you know?

Being a drought-tolerant tree, mesquite grows in arid and semi-arid regions where many trees are unable to grow. One of the main uses of mesquite tree is that it provides shade to wildlife and its fruit serves as a source of food for birds, animals, as well as humans.