Art-Focused Media Wall

This entertainment wall was designed to highlight the display of several pieces of art from our client’s art collection.  Working with designer Terry Harrison of harrison herbeck, we designed and built the components of the wall, and then provided general contracting services to complete the build out.  

The shelves that provide the foundation for the artwork are solid 12/4 walnut with custom concealed steel mounting brackets.  CKV finished the shelves with Rubio Monocoat Pure to bring out the beauty of the wood. The upper drywall valance and lower drywall deck contain custom recessed LED lighting, placed to illuminate the art pieces.  

Woodworking 101

What does 12/4 mean in lumber measurements?

This project used solid 12/4 walnut – but what does that mean?  Woodworker’s Source explains 12/4 and other fractions – in short, these are the names for the thickness of hardwood lumber.  

“The thickness is expressed as a fraction, and goes in increments of quarters of an inch. However, this fraction is more of a name than it is a precise measurement. It tells you approximately how thick the lumber actually is.”

The third photo in the gallery above shows the 12/4 lumber “before”.