Copper Art Panel Collection

When looking for artwork for a high rise Chicago condo, Interior Designer Jan Cregier of Interior Expressions by Jan knew she and her client wanted art that was unique. Starting with a gray color scheme with pantone orange accents, the transitional design plan needed artwork to pull together coloring from the clients existing rug and an asian inspired cabinet that was chosen. The color of the chest was primarily blue, which also brought out the small amount of blue in the area rug. The goal was to add balance to the room by adding blue into the accessories and artwork. A look that could be magnificently achieved through the addition of custom fabricated copper art.

One large wall was being added to the space, that didn’t originally exist when the homeowner took possession of the condo. The designer wanted to add a line of art that drew you into the room and kept your eye moving down the wall and towards the amazing 47th floor Chicago view. Simply put, a small art gallery in the main living space of the condo.

To achieve this effect, copper patina art panels were commissioned in mostly 16 X 16” squares. Smaller sections were made to fit the end of the art exhibit wall as well as a unique panel that was shaped into a 90 degree angle to fit the room entrance corner. A larger 18 X 48” panel was also added in the entrance hallway next to the angled copper piece in a slighter darker toned patina.

The effect the artwork achieved in the space brings out warmth, texture and plays with the natural light that comes from full wall wrap around windows in the room.

Photo Credit: Marcel Page Photography