Odysea Aquarium: Rivers of the World

Project Overview

CK Valenti Designs was asked to create unique displays for the Rivers of the World exhibit at the OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ. The displays give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of animals that inhabit the American and Rainforest rivers, including piranha and alligator gar, as well as trout and Largemouth bass.

The interactive displays and demonstrations OdySea offers educate and amaze, without the need for a passport. No need to tromp through the Amazon with a pith helmet and malaria medicine; join the adventure and learn all about the Rivers of the World and its animals from the OdySea Animal Care Specialists!

The OdySea Aquarium features up close and personal interaction and education with sea life, including penguins, sharks, sea turtles, and even the Great Barrier Reef.