Pop-Up Transportation Exhibit

The Valley Metro Light Rail celebrated its 10th anniversary at the end of 2018. This Pop-Up Exhibit, designed by Bill Dambrova and fabricated by our team, was the central display during the “Railversary” celebration. The Exhibit gives a nod to light rail stations with its white sails and graphic panels. Its steel upright frames sit in MDF bases, with LED light boxes and acrylic for the light and graphic panels. A dramatic focal point, the sails are illuminated by RGB LEDs.  

The exhibit was designed to travel… in July 2019 it will pop up at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix! The Exhibit’s graphic panels are teeming with local history, trivia, and photography.  

Happy 10th anniversary, Valley Metro Light Rail! #railversary



Although it’s not the first thing you notice, lighting is a very important part of this exhibit.  RGB LED lighting illuminates the sails at the top, LEDs flood the light boxes where the station names are displayed, and LEDs make the graphic panels *glow*.

What are RGB LEDs?

An RGB LED combines one red, one green, and one blue LED in the lighting package.  You can produce almost any color by combining these three colors.