“Reserved” Restaurant Table Tents

Stainless steel “Reserved” and “VIP” table tents for upscale Tucson restaurant and for Atlantic City Casino

CK Valenti Designs creates unique “Reserved” and “VIP” table tents. They are perfect for upscale restaurants, cafés, and diners, or any location where a company or organization wants to impress their important clients. These table tents are a tasteful addition to venues that have specific designated seating. The chic signs stand out as a sophisticated, stylish prop that can be made to match your business’s interior design. They blend in seamlessly with elegant décor or can easily create an illusion of a more fashionable establishment by their mere presence. You could also use them in more informal settings where that extra touch of class makes an experience that much more special.

VIP and restaurant table tents are available for purchase in our online shop.


Restaurant Table Tents: Make or Buy?

Reserving a table or section of a restaurant using hastily scribbled paper or cardboard signs has its merits, especially with regard to immediate need and expense. But making these disposable accessories end up costing you more in the long run – both in labor and supplies. And what about customers who see these temporary, flimsy signs as an indication that you are unwilling to invest in a quality product? That thought may even have them thinking you are also using inferior products to prepare their meals. Temporary signs like these are also are wasteful and not environmentally friendly.

CK Valenti Designs’ table tents add a creative and impressive look to your tables. They are even heavy enough for outdoor and poolside use. Our table tents offer permanent, stylish signage that will have your patrons understanding that you value their presence in your business. Customers who feel appreciated become repeat customers. And improving your business in such a simple, yet impactful way is something we can help you with.

Show the appreciation and gratitude you have for your customers. Raise the look of your business by proudly displaying these table tents.