Bed & Bath Renovation: Low VOC paint

Bed & Bath Renovation: Low VOC paint

Work progresses on the bed and bath renovation, but we haven’t had exciting photos to share in the last week or so. We promise to post an update soon!

As we approached the paint stage of this project, with the homeowners having chosen Gray Owl and Sea Haze from the Benjamin Moore palette, we decided to give a new paint line a try. Benjamin Moore touts its “Natura” paint line as a continuation of its “commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly paint. Natura Paint emits lower total VOCs than other national zero-VOC products on the market, all without compromise to performance or color selection.”

As one of the homeowners for this bed/bath renovation has a paint/chemical sensitivity, we chose Natura with the goal of limiting the chemical distribution inside the house. We are happy to report that this paint line delivered on its promise. The paint smell is nearly undetectable compared to “regular” paints, and the homeowner did not have any issue with the fumes inside the house. The color is rich and beautiful, with primer included in the base coat. Really, what more could you ask for?

Natura costs approximately $5 more per gallon of paint, which, if you ask us, is totally worth it.

Have you used Natura, or another line of low/no VOC paint? What did you think?