Retail Shelving

Retail shelving is a necessity for a business that sells clothes, but the fixtures are often not more than secure and sturdy. However, the steel and bleached rift-sawn white oak fixtures CK Valenti crafted for an upscale clothing boutique in Phoenix, Arizona really make a statement! Designed by Jennifer Mumford and Lindsay Smith, the fixtures range from hanging racks to shelving, to oversized tables and a cashwrap. The stark contrast of black and white are a perfect complement to the exposed brick and concrete flooring of the building.

High class and unassuming yet classy, the custom retail shelving has an understated and minimal presence while allowing the products to shine. Retail store fixtures need to be strong, dependable, and attractive in a chic clothing boutique. These streamlined shelving units accommodate a broad range of inventory and still allow customers easy access to multiple products.

We were able to create an aesthetically pleasing exhibit with these retail shelving display racks that are also space conservative. This shelving stands out in a crowded retail world, accenting the products rather than detracting from the quality of items being offered. Clothing boutique fixtures need to look sleek enough to appropriately showcase the clothes, yet also give the impression that the business cares enough about the customer to display their inventory in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Mumford and Smith have accomplished this overall look to add to the boutique’s tasteful atmosphere. The units reflect the stylish ambience, but do not overpower the space and still do exactly what they are supposed to: hold clothes and accessories so consumers can browse the selection in a comfortable manner. If you plan on standing out from the competition, choosing retail shelving for your business can be difficult if you are looking at what everyone else is using. Let CK Valenti Designs help you create the look you are looking for.