Steel Table Legs

When looking for furniture, sometimes it can mean not finding what you want. If you want a certain look, you may have to the right pieces created just for you . If you’re feeling stumped about how to incorporate natural elements into your home or any other space, consider a nod to nature in the form of details pulled from the atmosphere, patterns that go with the grain, and materials from the Earth itself.


An Elegant Nod to Nature

Turn West Designs provided the design for these steel table legs and CK Valenti Designs fabricated them. We formed them from steel tubing and tree bark round bar to create an organic vine design. The steel table legs were fashioned in an intricate, beautiful design and finished with a layered patina to simulate an aged look. Their appeal is an almost literal interpretation of trees, allowing you to turn even a modern home into a fortress of the wilderness with natural touches. The branches stretch and curl around the steel table legs as if rooting themselves into the floor. Small touches from nature bring an earthy feel to your décor. When used as accents, you get a natural look without looking like you live in the middle of the woods.

CK Valenti Designs creates unique, beautifully crafted furniture for your home, office, or business. Each piece is subtly one of a kind and brings long lasting appeal and quality to your space. Our furniture makes a big statement with an understated yet dramatic look. Our furniture becomes your furniture through the personalized attention we pay to every piece. No matter the size.

If you are looking for similar pieces to accent a room – furniture that evokes the environment and conjures Mother Nature into any space – CK Valenti Designs can create what you have in mind. We make exceptional furniture for the eclectic, old-fashioned, or modern home.