Stone Bridge Pizza Tents

Next time you find yourself in midtown Manhattan, stop in at Stone Bridge to experience fresh, farm-to-table pizza. You’ll be sure to get the pizza you ordered with the help of these “pizza tents”.  Inspired by our popular Reserved tents (see sidebar), Stone Bridge ordered these little gems to resolve issues around identifying pizzas coming out of their ovens.  The tent faces are 1.5″ wide by 1.5″ high, made of restaurant grade stainless steel. Cut on a waterjet (numbers 1 to 99) and line grained and formed, by hand, on a brake.  Stone Bridge confirms they are working great. 

Popular metal ``tents``

Most of what we do is custom per client, but we do have a few offerings that are more like a traditional product.  One of these is our metal tent design.  We get the most hits on Google for this simple but functional item – a sturdy metal tent used most often by restaurants to mark Reserved or VIP tables.  The Stone Bridge request for a numbered pizza tent is just the latest in the line of CKV metal tent designs.  What can we create for you?