Countertop Overhang Support

This residential client replaced their countertop with granite, upgrading the whole look of the kitchen. Their designer, Terry Harrison, reached out to us to fill in one small but important detail – the support “leg” for the overhanging counter table. We fabricated a custom steel plate for the support, connected to a 6″ diameter steel tube. To complement the granite, we finished the steel with a “rust” patina treatment, and sealed it with clear coat to ensure the stability of the patina finish. A nylon leveler at center of the steel tube allows for unseen (but important!) height adjustment. Small details really matter!

Leg Levelers

What is a leg leveler?  A leg leveler is an adjustable “foot” typically screwed in to the bottom of table legs, cabinets, or chairs.  These are useful when the furniture piece is likely to sit on an uneven surface, or when height adjustability is desired.  Nylon levelers, like this one used in this project, also protect flooring from scratches.