Custom Aluminum Medals

CK Valenti Designs makes anodized aluminum sporting medals that are 4″ in diameter and come in multiple colors. They denote first, second, and third place. Laser-etched on both sides, the custom medals feature a school logo on one side and weight class on the reverse. There is a round cut-out at the top for a neck ribbon.


Sporting Medals for More Than Sports

We offer the aluminum sporting medals because of their longer functional life and our ability to produce a precise pattern. Though we created these medals created for sporting competition, we can customize them for any purpose. It’s easy to substitute a business logo, insignia, portrait, or other unique design. We can customize the look of the medals you require for your specific event, no matter what event it is.

We want you to think of these not just as a memento of a particular sporting event, but also as a keepsake that you will treasure for years to come. Imagine your great grandchildren discovering you received a medal. They’ll want to hear your story whether it was for having won a debate competition or wrestling match, or that you led your team to victory in a high stakes match.

If you would like to award individuals, teams, or even companies with one of these distinctive custom medals, CK Valenti has what you are looking for. We provide you with a high quality product that will stand the test of time. And yet is affordable enough to buy in bulk if needed.

Let your athletes shine as champions or your employees be showcased as winners with these custom medals. When you choose CK Valenti’s custom medals, you will discover there can be more than one winner.